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We can supply flooring and siding boards in separate orders. Flooring boards are 25 mm thick. Siding boards can either be 16 mm or 25 mm thick. Our hardwood boards are available in Bangkirai, Merbau, Camphor, Nyatoh or Kampas (see pictures below). 

Export regulations apply for board sizes. Click <here> to read 

Click on the pictures for enlargements.



      Flooring-1 Flooring-2  Flooring-3 
Seamless  Bangkirai flooring w/h stain Profiled flooring 
     Flooring-4  Flooring-5  Flooring-6
 Spaced Merbau flooring
(as to allow rain water to drain)

Nyatoh flooring (w/h stain)
Kempas flooring (stained)



     Siding-8  Siding-9

Test panel, exposed to the environment for 6 months (uncoated)

Results of the test panel after 6 months Typical connection detail of an exterior panel + rain water sill
      Siding-5 Siding-16   Siding-7

 Exterior siding from 25 mm thick Bangkirai

Exterior 25 mm thick Kempas sidings boards (uncoated)

Exterior 25 mm thick Merbau  sidings   



     Siding-13  Siding-12 Siding-11 

Typical connection of an interior siding

 Interior siding board (notice the V-groove)

Assembly of interior siding boards 



    Siding-3  Siding-4

Partition from 16 mm thick Merbau

Partition from 16 mm thick Bangkirai  




Reviews from Bali Prefab World

"I am the project leader for the development of some large houses to be constructed on the island of Kauai. I have thoroughly investigated the option of built on site versus purhasing the pre-fab home from Baliprefabworld. I am convinced that working with Baliprefabworld is the most economical, efficient and effective way to go. The beauty and aesthetics of these homes are truly wonderful. We are planning to work with Baliprefabworld to use a variety of their standard models to design the homes we want.  The professionalism, quality of materials, and design capacity of Baliprefabworld is exemplary. Steven Ott, Berkeley, USA."
Review from: Steven Ott, Berkeley, USA
Project: Resort in Kauai, Hawaii
Date: 10-06-2017
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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