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PROJECTS COMPLETED OR DESIGNED IN THE CARIBBEAN (St. Maarten, Barbados, Cayman islands, Ilsand of Roatan, Island of San Andres, Sta. Lucia, Guadeloupe)


Caribbean-1  Caribbean-2 Caribbean-3
Villa to be built on the island of St. Maarten  Interior of Villa for St. Maarten  Semi detached villa at St. Maarten 


Caribbean-4 Caribbean-5 Caribbean-6
 Gazebo St. Maarten Villa built on the island of St. Maarten Octagonal gazebo Barbados


Caribbean-7 Caribbean-8 Raflesia p3
Gazebos Cayman islands   2- storey lumbung on the island of Sta. Lucia
(This unit survived hurricane Thomas, November 2009)
Villa built on the island of
St. Maarten (Caribbean)
(This unit survived hurricane Irma, September 2017)


Caribbean-10 Caribbean-11 Caribbean-12
Villa to be built on the island of Roatan 2-storey unit to be built on the island of San Andres  Small resort development for the island of St. Maarten


ST. MARTIN, CARIBBEAN. Sun deck + pool with infinite edge + spa + dining and relax gazebo on the roof of a 3-storey appartment. Client  Mr. Charly Dahan, St. Maarten
 St-Martin-01 St-Martin-02  St-Martin-03 
Artist impression

Artist impression

Artist impression

, Mlawar model, code A-4. Client Mr. Eric Saillard
Unit under construction  November 16 2016 This unit survived the category 5 hurricane Maria mid September 2017
Unit name" Mawar", Coce A-4
Under construction in Guadeloupe  Unit nearing completion  


Reviews from Bali Prefab World

"I am the project leader for the development of some large houses to be constructed on the island of Kauai. I have thoroughly investigated the option of builing on site versus purhasing the pre-fab home from Baliprefabworld. I am convinced that working with Baliprefabworld is the most economical, efficient and effective way to go. The beauty and aesthetics of these homes are truly wonderful. We are planning to work with Baliprefabworld to use a variety of their standard models to design the home we want. The professionalism, quality of materials, and design capacity of Baliprefabworld is exemplary".
Review from: Steven Ott, Berkeley, USA
Project: Resort for Kauai, Hawaii
Date: 08-10-2014
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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